Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to 4th grade! My name is Megan King and I will be your child’s Fourth Grade Teacher this year.  I am really looking forward to working with you and your child this year.


Homework is designed for students to practice what they have already learned in class.  No new material will be part of the homework.  Your child will bring home a homework folder every Monday and it will be due on Friday.  There will be about 30 minutes of homework designated for each night. Any unfinished class work will become homework if there is an appropriate amount of time to finish in class.  I understand that families have busy lifestyles and this homework policy will allow your family to choose the best time for homework during the week. You are always welcome to take home a textbook or ask for additional resources.

Reading Letters

Students in 4th grade should be reading 20-30 minutes every night for homework. Monday through Thursday students are encouraged to read a “Just Right” book independently or a challenging book with a parent. At a good stopping point (between chapters or after a problem has been resolved) students will write one letter to Miss King on a separate piece of paper summarizing their book so far.  Only one reading letter is due each Friday, so students only need to write one night for homework, but read the other nights.  I would recommend writing the letter Thursday so that students can summarize what they read all week.  More information is in the homework folder.

Mystery Readers

Our classroom invites you to come and read one of your favorite stories with us!  The best part is the mystery reader is kept a secret.  The students will be told 3 clues about who the mystery reader is before they are revealed.  If you are interested in becoming a mystery reader, please contact me.   Remember, if you’re the next mystery reader try to keep it a secret!


Family members are welcome anytime to volunteer in our classroom.  Just make sure you fill out the background check volunteer form and bring it to the office.


Please feel free to contact me anytime.  Parent/teacher collaboration is the key to teaching to each student’s individual needs!  You know your child better than anyone, so please help me be the best teacher for them.

E-mail: mking@travisusd.k12.ca.us

Phone: 707- 446-9494

Class website: http://www.misskings.com

A monthly newsletter will be sent home in your child’s homework folder.  Also, check the class website for updates and resources.  I am looking forward to a great year in fourth grade!


Miss King

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